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ATTENTION: This page is intended only for people who attended the seminar below. This URL has been shared privately with them. The video below has been discounted as a 'thank you' and so that those who attended can get more value from the day.

If you did not attend the seminar, thank you for your interest, however please do not place an order via this page as your order will not be processed. Instead please visit the retail site here to place your order.

If you did attend, my most sincere gratitude for attending and for purchasing this video. I hope you get much value from the video and I look forward to working with you again.

Don't forget, you can book a seminar or private class for your school by contacting me at
Thank you again!

Bassai Dai Application Seminar

Adelaide, South Australia

21st July, 2018

Contains over 16 practical applications to
Bassai Dai including solutions for ground grappling, chokes, full-nelson, headlocks and more. Also includes theory including Tegumi and kata evoution.


Length - 67 minutes

$15AUD (50% off normal price)

Videos are in digital format. You will be provided links to stream or download your video. Links are typically provided within 1 business day of payment.

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